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As the name suggests walking Shoes are made especially for this purpose. If you tend to walk for exercise it is a smart idea to invest in a good pair of walking shoes in India to ensure your feet get the protection and support they need. No matter how brisk or slow you walk, the repetitive motion will place some pressure on your feet and ankles. Check out the range of walking shoes online on SastaJoota and buy a pair today.

When you walk it is your heel that first hits the ground and then gradually rolls to the toe so it is vital to buy Shoes that have a supportive heel. Walking shoes are very flexible and bend according to the movement of your feet.


Walking shoes are a type of footwear solely designed for walking. Walking shoes are easily available online with key features such as flexible outer sole, well-cushioned insole, great grip and well-constructed arch support.


As their names suggest, both running and walking shoes are meant for running and walking respectively. Here are some distinguishing factors between the two shoe types:

Shoe Weight: Since a runner must be able to run freely and swiftly, the weight of the shoes ought to be light enough to support this high-intensity activity. Walking shoes, on the other hand, need not be as light. Internal Cushioning: Runners exert more pressure on their feet and require significant cushioning to protect against injury. Walking shoes, however, do not require as much cushioning. Shoe Insole: A runner requires shoes that provide stability to their feet. This is achieved with significant sole stiffness on the inside of the shoe.


In order to pick the best pair of walking shoes, here are some of the things to keep in mind:

Good-quality memory foam helps absorb maximum shock while walking. A pair of walking shoes should fit the feet snugly, not too loose or too tight. Consult the sizing chart on SastaJoota right next to the product before making a purchase. Ensure that they possess anti-slip properties.

Shoes that do not fit properly can be a cause for concern since it could result in injuries and ligament tears. Hence we recommend following the above-mentioned points when purchasing walking shoes on SastaJoota.
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