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Footwear  of your choice  could define your personality.

Believe it or not, your footwear can reflect your character traits and on many occasions, be one of the most memorable highlights of your outfit, when you meet a person for the first time.

Your footwear can make or break you, pairing your outfit with the wrong footwear is a fashion crime wherever you go.

While we agree that manners make the man but many would like to add a clause to that, footwear make a man too.

The most common mistakes happen when wearing formals, the horror of mismatching your shoes with the color of your pant is unforgivable.

One needs to understand that although versatile, black does not go well with all colors. Never pair black shoes with a khaki trouser, ever!

Ladies, give your dear feet a break from those heels and regardless of how casual you want to look, never step out with flip-flops.

There are many other choices available online for women’s footwear so don’t be afraid to experiment a bit.

Stay far from footwear blunders, by stocking your shoe cabinet with these handy essentials.
The Classic leather pair
This being a given, everyone owns a pair of black leather shoes, but go a step ahead and buy yourself a pair in the shades of burgundy or dark brown.

These will go great with navy blue, khaki and beige trousers, they also work great with a pair of classic blue jeans.
Basic Flip-Flops
If there won’t be sand at the place you are going to, then you shouldn’t be wearing flip-flops. They should be used only for home, at the beach or after you’ve indulged in heavy physical activity to give your feet relief from long hours of wearing sports shoes.
Hiking Shoes
When you’re out on holiday and involved in exciting outdoor exploring put on your strong shoes and leave behind those flip-flops.

Foot injuries are not what you want when you’re out to have a good time. Invest in good outdoor shoes that can take on challenging terrain and keep your feet comfortable.

Go in for a pair of Woodland shoes and be assured years of great adventures.

If you’re not going off the beaten path and are more of an urban explorer, then go in for a pair of comfortable sports shoes.

Brands like Reebok, Nike and Adidas have a wide range of products to suit your specific lifestyle.
Wedges are better
Skeptical about heels? You have every right to be.

It’s never a nice feeling to have a great time but come back home with a sore spine.

But if pumps are to your liking, choose your pair carefully. The wrong choice could cost you more than the price you paid.

Presenting wedges, with the generous full sole support, they are a fitting alternative to high heels.

Safer in multiple ways, wedges work just as well with an outfit as compared to heels.
Leather sandals are a brilliant fit with a summer dress and ideal for long day of shopping and catching up.

Classy and casual, they are a must-have for your footwear collection.

We are spoiled for choices with the extensive range of footwear available online and remember to refer to the sizing chart carefully before you pick your pair.

Your look is only complete when you’ve dressed right, from shirt down to the footwear. Go on, find your fit at SastaJoota today!
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